Wolverines News · Lead ‘Em Up

The athletic department is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Lead ‘Em Up this school year. Below and in this letter explain exactly what this program is.

What is Lead ‘Em Up?

Lead ‘Em Up is a dynamic and engaging leadership program used by youth, high school and college sports teams all over the country.

We provide coaches a full library of leadership and communication drills online they can use to develop their players into the leaders needed to win.

Here are 8 thoughts the Lead ‘Em Up team believes in:

  • When the leader improves, everybody wins.
  • Leadership is a skill and like any skill, it needs practice in order to improve.
  • Great leaders can make the “uncool” into the new “cool”
  • Leadership isn’t sometimes, it’s all-the-time.
  • Better people make better athletes
  • Leading by example is not enough; there needs to be more.
  • The more you pour into your players, the more they have to give.
  • We want players as excited about leadership development as they are about skill development.

In addition to our full online library of drills, we also provide spirited live team workshops, coaching workshops and have an online store filled with empowering gear and accessories perfect for your team.

The athletic department, our administration and our coaches are dedicated and committed to helping our student-athletes not just become leaders on their playing fields but off of them as well. We value teaching life lessons through sport. We cannot wait to see how this program changes, enhances and grows our athletic teams and student-athletes over the next school year and beyond!